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79% of mobile applications are built on Android!
The android training at etcoe aims at stage wise learning by skilled android consultants to make it easier and understandable by beginners as well and also train you in the allied concepts before leaping into the primary course. Being a premium android training institute, at etcoe the syllabus has been carefully designed. The course of study for the android training program followed here can be found under respective sections:

Android is dominating the marketplace with 66.01% marketshare as on July 2016 eating up the market prevalance of other brands. Android was introduced in October 2003 by Android, Inc. On its journey Android creatd its market with a range of 1 million apps getting a turnover of 50 billion plus downloads. Android has covered a long journey making its way from pebbles to a high mountain. Today it offers the widest choice of applications for its users in all kinds of devices starting from portable devices like phones and tablets and smartwatches to key appliances like TV, gaming consoles, digital cameras etc. It has the advantage of being the efficient, economical and customizable OS for high level devices, which makes it a popular choice amongst most of the giants of the electronic industry. Many technological biggies have switched over to Android for their latest devices, which otherwise were working on other OS. With such usability, Android holds a strong position in the mobile marketplace alone with a figure as high as 84.2%

The job market for Android:

Android Training in Bangalore
Best Android Training in Bangalore
  • - Employability: Did you know there are more than 1 Lakh jobs available for Android on Android developers are in huge demand today.
  • - Build apps in any business domains: Android is flexible and has scope in multiple domains such as Finance, Business, Games, etc. Your innovative app is easy to market, reaches out to millions of people and can help them
  • - Salary: Companies are looking for candidates like you, to help them fill the dearth in mobile development. Check out the average salary for an android developer!