IT Embedded Internships in Coimbatore


Internship Programs are designed to give real-time project experience to the students. Work on cutting-edge technologies, real project cycle and under the guidance of technical experts of the IT industry. We offer internship programs to candidates from across disciplines like B.Tech, BE, BBA, BSc, B.Com, BCA, MCA, MBA etc.
Internship programs give exposure to MNCs working and ethical standards. Such programs are valuable for your career and improve your working standards. In an internship a candidate understands how working in a team, gaining a deeper knowledge of projects, contributing innovative ideas and skills to the company project will develop his working capabilities. Companies look for such candidates and hire such persons immediately.
How does Evolet Technologies help?

  • Project experience
  • Internship letter
  • Learn and work with experts from the industry
  • 100hrs in 3 months
  • The project you worked on will be live on the server.
  • Imagine learning technology in a fun way!
  • A candidate with any degree can enroll in our internship programs.
  • We offer free internship programs based on your interview/assessment.