lamp stack training lamp stack training

At etcoe, the course for LAMP has been framed to meet the industry standards and requirements. The best Linux training institute for over a decade we have laid down a systematic and well planned module for Linux course at etcoe which aims at systematic exposure to the LAMP architecture.

  • Linux Operating Systemlamp-training
  • Apache Web Server
  • MySQL Relational Database Management System
  • Python/PHP/Perl Object Oriented Scripting Language

The advantages of LAMP are:
Easy to learn for beginners. Highly developed package for professional programmers. Web development and designing in one package. Open source application and hence cost effective. Easy to deploy since PHP is an Apache module and database is Highly secure and lesser bugs. Runs on a wide range of platforms. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is by far the most common setup of today’s existing websites. LAMP is being widely used by the likes of Amazon, Google, Wikipedia and Wikimedia.
The Job Market for LAMP Stack Developerslamp stack training
  • - Employability: Did you know there are more than 8000 jobs available for LAMP stack developers on alone? LAMP developers are in huge demand today.
  • - Build Web Applications in any business domains that have a solid foundation: LAMP stack builds reliable, dynamic and secure websites. IT has a huge market in multiple domains such as Finance, Business, eCommerce etc.
  • - Salary: Companies are looking for candidates like you, to help them fill the dearth in web development. Check out the average salary for a LAMP stack developer!