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The software testing course being categorized under two schedules i.e. Manual testing and Automated testing, we provide three packages for the software testing program at etcoe. The course structure under each has been framed specifically

Introduced around the year 2000, software testing is a process of assuring the quality of a program or application by detecting the software bugs. The Software testing course training ensures that testing process is carried out in two steps
Functionality testing is done in automated and/or manual methods. But Load and performance testing being the most crucial stage, is done using automated methods. Only after verification through software testing process is the software released under CMM validation.
etcoe focuses on the most updated testing tools i.e. Loadrunner , QTP and Selenium. These software testing tools initially owned by Mercury Interactive have been later acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in November 2006. On-demand versions of Loadrunner as used for cloud computing services in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Engine were made available by 2010. Loadrunner scripts though created using the ANSI C, but Java and .Net programs can also be run. Besides that, Loadrunner can run Scripts from other testing tools i.e. Apache JMeter, NUnit, or Selenium .learn-it-Testing-Course This is the reason of a client base of 5500 companies across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore and India are dependent on Loadrunner in their Quality Assurance domain.
The Job Market for Software Testing

software testing course
  • Employability: Did you know there are more than 60000+ jobs for an automation tester on alone? Software automation testers have a huge market today.
  • Automate your career: Software testing is an ever green job and if you become an automated tester, your career will have a much required breakthrough.
  • Salary: Companies are looking for candidates like you, to help them fill the dearth in Automation testing. Check out the average salary of an automation tester!